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It All Started With Crafted Whiskey...

What started as an adventure through the Pacific Northwest (and well beyond) tasting, talking and writing about crafted whiskey, turned into our pocket sized Field Guide about the same. @butter.bacon.pnw and Cooking Adventures with Distilled Spirits  (the cookbook) followed - finally A SPIRITED LIFE was born

Buy the Field Guide and the cookbook here...just add your favorite bottle of distilled spirit (not just craft brands) to make  the pairing complete. It's gift giving worthy too.


Why We (Butter & Bacon) Cook...

Fresh ingredients, organic/natural products, trying new processes, shopping for amazing kitchen tools and equipment, sharing great home cooked food with others, keeping idle hands and minds busy, creating nourishing meals, all for the absolute joy of it! 

As Butter & Bacon we have taken our passion for cooking at home and our expansive knowledge of distilled spirits and melded them into a single expression. See our blog for more...

Butter & Bacon-Blog

It's Our Joy - Home Cooks Unite!

It's about cooking, not just with distilled spirits. We want to encourage YOU to cook at home and to have the confidence to find ingredients, tools/equipment, unique techniques, and recipes that YOU love. 

Feed YOURSELF or feed others - share the good food moments.  

Have no fear - you can cook! There are no hard rules or binding limitations to how you decide to do that - it's your joy - find it.